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August 27, 2009


Liz Caporelli,,Valarie Caron, Dina Pandya, Steve Molyneaux, Lea Poisson, Ken Friend, Paul Avery, Kim Grodzki, Dave Derosier, Anne Miller, Holly Moeller, Mary Murphy, Judy Fenwick, Trish White

Update on Governor’s Challenge

Update on Wind Turbines

  • 1.2 Gigawatt 3-400’ height range.
  • Pending budget decisions.
  • Next phase is to solicit local feedback public.
  • One meeting with Cape Cod Commission, tentative plans for another meeting.
  • Ernie is the lead on the turbine project.
  • Judy Fenwick has pdf and paper copy of the study that the WHRC did on acoustic prep for their turbine. Judy will send to Dave.
  • Thus far, studies indicate sound of turbine would be slightly higher than WMO standards, during winter months when ambient sound is very low. Looking at ways to mitigate – different location included.

Green Teams

» View the updated list of teams

Green Teams (recommended) tasks for next meeting:

  • Review team charge
  • Bring a tip to the next meeting
  • Bring an outline/action plan for your team
  • Review the checklist for your team area

Green Team could also:

  • Identify potential speakers or presentations in your area
  • Identify people from WHOI to highlight in your area

Email Distribution List

All members of the STF will receive an email at this address:

What WHOI has been doing

Dave read summary on WHOI energy recovery modifications since 1970s prepared by Ernie for the Staff Committee Open Meeting in April. Kim will work with Dave to put this information together for the web site.
» View the Staff Committee Open Meeting Minutes

Calculate your Carbon Foot Print

One way to measure our sustainability efforts would be to invite people to calculate their carbon footprint now and then do it again in 6 months after they have been trying to reduce their use.
» View the Carbon Footprint Calculator from the Nature Conservancy 

Tracking the web site

Paul suggested getting a counter for web site once we start promoting the STF efforts.


STF needs to begin compiling Tips for Headlines. Liz suggested that each person bring a tip to our next meeting.

Inviting people to come to give talks

  • Liz suggested Kevin Gallagher from Cape Light Compact.
  • Mary suggested a Sustainability Environmental Consultant who could educate us on what kind of things can be done in commercial settings.


Judy Fenwick suggested that we create roadmap or series of recommendations for WHOI’s sustainability efforts. This has worked well on other committees she has been on. She commented that more people will be involved if they see there is some guidance. Each Green Team will come up with recommendations for their specific area.

Agenda items for next meeting:

  • Review Green Teams charges and plans
  • Review Tips