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August 19, 2020

Attendance:   Dave Derosier, Mindy Richlen, Jed Goldstone, Stephanie Madsen,  Connor Ahearn, Pam Polloni, Lauren Dykman, Zack + Keith (CES) Kelsey Perry + Maggie Paul (CEC Interns)

#1   Energy Portfolio Presentation by CEC Interns – Kelsey Perry and Maggie Paul

  • The presentation focused on the platform’s functionality, visualizations, with focus on Fye + McLean solar data – both kwh savings and cost savings.
  • Dave Derosier asked them to show plots for several WHOI buildings. The Portfolio Manager tool will be useful for our Facilities team to analyze trends and use as an energy efficiency diagnostic tool.
  • Maggie + Kelsey wrote up a brief energy legislation update to help WHOI determine energy reduction goals to align with the State’s mandated law: The 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act
  • 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and 75% reduction by 2040, with an ultimate goal of 100% reduction by 2050


  • Send updated instructions for using Portfolio Manager to WHOI (MP-done)
  • Share the presentation ppt with STF (MP-done)
  • Send Portfolio Login + password to Dave D and Ed Fiore (done SM)


#2  LED installations – prioritize 2020-21 projects to capitalize on Rebates (which disappear at the end of 2021)

  • Note – Redfield LED project yielded a $75,000 rebate check


  • Ask Kelly Cota, of Wicked Watts, to send update building priority spreadsheet (SM)
  • Decide which buildings to upgrade (DD)


#3  MassEvolves EV Program Update.

  • Conference call on August 13th with Massachusetts members – We reviewed what Electric vehicles-trucks, shuttle, transits are available and at what cost for WHOI’s


  • Forward meeting notes to Facilities team (SM-done)


#4  STF’s Instagram Account- launching Instagram and Facebook accounts soon!


  • Launch first post about LEDs on Wednesday Aug. 31 (MM+HH)
  • Create list of posts ahead of time and schedule one for each week (SM, HH + MM)


#5  Solar Updates– strategize next installation …NQF, Dorms, Carport, Quissett Warehouse

  • Ongoing project = Clark + Clark So roof install update – September installation (permits were approved)
  • Future project = NQF rooftop and/or carport. We have cost estimates $ and now need to partner with Whoi’s Development team to discuss next steps. Cost estimates - Rooftop - $147,000 (138 panels)= $1,065/panel, Carport - $1.4 million (861 panels)= $1,626/panel
  • Dorm D – updated proposal for the SMART Program cost $87,236 (80 panels) = $1,090/panel (this would cover 49% of Dorm’s energy kwh usage)
  • North Quissett Warehouse Facility – 116 LG375 panels costs $126,500 = $1,091/panel


  • Work with Dave to prioritize installations, and discuss options with Development.
  • New Director, Peter deMenocal starts Oct. 1 – meet with him to discuss solar #s (SM)


#6 Social Sustainability WSS– help increase Diversity and Inclusion, make all people feel welcome.

  • We presented WSS to a JP/Postdoc DEI Townhall on August 6, 2020
  • Beginning phase of writing D+I Guidelines for all WHOI events (this one pager will be available to anyone planning an event)
  • Add events for newcomers (we need to be clever during Covid time)


#7 New Business

Flax Food Co-op Lunch and Learn scheduled for Sept. 23rd.


  • Make the lunch and learn flyer (Noa Randall- done)
  • Write Headlines, disseminate flyer, create rsvp form (SM + STF)