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August 19, 2015

Date: August 19, 2015
Location: Bigelow 217
Present: Ron Reif, Matt Agnese, Ann Devenish, Julie van der Hoop, Ken Kostel, Dawn-Marie Daniel, and Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item

#1: Clean Energy Center Intern Presentation – We reviewed the Energy Reduction Action Plan and Presentation. We are looking forward to a more formal discussion of the results and curious to see what our priorities will be.


  • Send copy of Action Plan to STF members (SM)
  • Schedule follow-up meeting to discuss priorities (DD + STF)


#2 : Building Rep Pilot Program update:Ron and Steph discussed need to schedule building walk-through of hotlabs.


  • Schedule walk-through with Ron for September (DD, RR+SM)
  • Schedule Building Rep Pilot Meeting to regroup all Reps and launch next phase (DD+Reps)
  • Dataloggers – Send Datalogger Handbook to Dave for edits (SM+SB)
  • Update on automated timers for high energy use devices (DD)


#3 Kick the Can- STF reviewed the Kick the Can graphic/flyer and suggested the following:

  • Perhaps feature a can being kicked on the side vs. front (it looks too much like a shamrock)
  • Keep STF endorsement (everyone at the meeting thought STF stamp should be on the flyer)
  • The three *asterisks were good (no changes suggested)
  • Feedback was that Building Reps should be the ones to collect small cans to ease with the transition and encourage buy-in/positive participation


  • Disseminate large trash bins to Pilot Program Buildings and collect small cans …suggest and don’t force. (Reps)
  • Help collect small bins and disseminate large bins from MRF Loft (SM)
  • Finalize flyer with Graphics (SM+DD)


#4  Nitrile Recyclable Gloves– Ron reviewed the Hazard Warning flyer to accompany nitrile glove collection boxes.

  • Ron suggested an ‘Acute Toxicity’ icon be added to the flyer (Ken found skull + cross bones icon on-line)
  • Ron also wants collection boxes in labs (not in hallways)
  • Keep gloves in clear plastic bags during storage
  • Hold program launch until Safety Committee approves


  • Send updated flyer (with skull/crossbones) to Ron (SM = done)
  • Ron take flyer to ISC (Safety Committee) to discuss program with group + Becky Gast (RR)
  • Launch program and add info to STF website after ISC gives approval (SM)


#5  Composting- We discussed the success of composting at the Annual Picnic – it was easy and only cost $57.00

  • There was a strong consensus from STF members that Whoi should be composting at every event possible, i.e. Buttery picnics, catered events, trustee events, holiday parties etc.

Action:  Advertise composting services on Headlines (SM)

Action:  Post composting services and plate + cutlery resources on STF website (SM + DP = done)

Action:  Quantify disposal cost of a dumpster full of trash so we can compare with the composting bill of $57 (DD)


#6  Recyling: Can and bottle recycling will increase if we have signs encouraging the effort at picnics + public events (for example, the Whoi picnic)

Action:  Create reusable hard-backed recycling posters for events (SM with Graphics)

Action:  Post Green Tips to WHOI Headlines monthly (SM)


#7  Ride Board – STF consensus is that WHOI needs an electronic ride board to post on Whoi website

Action:  Find exemplar ride boards at other institutions (SM + STF members)

Ken sent Lamont’s as an example….check it out:


#8  Biking – STF Members suggest adding bike racks to the following locations: Clark South side door, Clark North – east side, and behind Bigelow

Action:  Investigate what it takes to increase bike racks in those 3 locations (SM + DD)