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April 17, 2019

#1  Solar Workshop Update – event will be held in Losos on Friday, May 17th from 12-2pm

  • 10 spots available – the rsvp link will be posted in Headlines on April 25
  • Next planning meeting May 3 at 1:00 in Losos


  • post a rsvp page and disseminate flyer on Thursday, April 25th (SM + KG)


#2  EV Event with Falmouth Selectwoman, WHOI, MBL + Eversource –April 24 at 11:00. Location –Swope Parking Lot if sunny (Swope Building if raining).

  • We’ll need Attendees – please come!


  • Disseminate flyer to STF + Admin Pros (SM)


#3   EV Charging Station Update – School Street and Clark lots are open for action!

  • School St lot has been open since April 8th
  • Clark Front lot open as of April 18th


  • Advertise on Headlines and email EV owners (SM)

# 4  WSS Events

  • Bike to Work Day – Tuesday, May 14 (Rain date the 15th)
  • Botany Walk with Pam Polloni – Monday, May 20th at 12:15-1:00. Meet at Fenno fireplace
  • Mid-May Bird Walk with Mike Tucker- he’s looking at dates
  • Compost With Me field trip – sometime in June
  • Spring Bike Ride- on a Friday, April 26. Meet at the Redfield Bike Racks at 4:30pm on April 26 (canceled if raining)
  • Seaweed Walk – Taylor Heyl asking Jennie Junker (tbd)
  • Schedule summer lawn games (tbd)


  • Schedule Earth Day Hike – Monday, April 22 @12:15 – meet at tennis court near CRL (SM-done)
  • Schedule summer lawn games (tbd)
  • Seaweed Walk – Taylor Heyl asking Jennie Junker
  • Get date from Mike Tucker
  • Contact Mary Ryther and select date for Compost With Me fieldtrip
  • Climate coffee chats with Cassia – discuss structure and dates (SM+CA)


#5  Bee Hive installation at Quissett- garnering interest for potential installation for 2020

  • will schedule lunch n learn with Josh Leveque who manages hives at Falmouth Academy (Danie Kinkade will contact him)
  • We’ll need a Bee Group at WHOI to manage the Bee Project. Please let me know if you are interested.


  • Collect list of interested Bee Keepers (SM – Google Spreadsheet)
  • Schedule Lunch n Learn with Josh Leveque (Danie Kinkade)

 #6 New Business:

 Open House/Activity Fair each June – for all groups including STF, Glow, DAC, Recreation, PEP


  • Create a Headlines submittal encouraging WHOI groups to rsvp (SM + KP)

We discussed STF meeting structure – ideas for changing it to make it more engaging and group oriented (ex. Call in #, 15 mins of personal sharing sustainability etc).  Results:

  • Keep agenda structure the same for at least first 45 minutes of meeting
  • Meet outside when weather permitting – MRF patio and Redfield patio. Steph will announce outside seating the morning of the meeting when a reminder goes out.