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April 15, 2015

Date: April 15, 2015

Location: Bigelow 217

Present: Dave Derosier, Paul Avery, Matt Agnese, Allesandro Bocconcelli,  Maureen Auro, Mollie McDowell, Charlotte Wiman, Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item #1: Guest Speakers

  • Guest Speaker discussion and feedback. Turnout for 2 talks about 20 people for each….we might consider moving the time from 4:00 in afternoon to either lunchtime or 5:00pm



#2 : Paper Towels Stickers – Take the One Paper Towel Challenge

  • The Sticker is completed (and looks great! Thanks Graphics!)


  • Apply stickers to Dispensers (Steve Senior with direction from DD)


#3Building Rep Update:

  • Bldg Rep Follow Up Meeting – TBD
  • Ron + Allesandro – Still need to do initial Pilot Building Walk through with Dave
  • Utility Bill Baseline data with CEC Summer intern- Waiting for Megan Amsler to contact us


  • Schedule Bldg walkthrough with Ron, Alex + Dave- June 30 doesn’t work (SM)
  • Schedule Bldg Rep Follow up meeting TBD (SM, DD)


#4  Earth Day STF Info Dissemination (held Wednesday, April 22)

  • The event went pretty well! We posted a flyer in plastic sleeve on each table and created an Info Board highlighting STF efforts at the Buttery. We had very productive conversations with Susan Avery, Rick Gallet and Matt Angnese about our efforts. Susan is very much on board with many of our efforts, especially the Electric Vehicle charging stations.


  • Think about next year’s Earth Day Events…do we go bigger? (STF)


#5  Procurement Discussion – Matt Agnese (new Procurement Manager at WHOI) attended the STF meeting. His team embraces sustainability and he encourages streamlining purchases to save energy, time, money + waste. Several topics were discussed:

  • K-Cups – we discussed our lively on-line discussion and as a result would like to raise awareness on campus regarding solid waste generated by K-cups. We highly recommend that offices shy away from using them, or at least purchase alternatives to the plastic cup, for example, New England Coffee brand sells a mesh cup (vs. plastic). Matt agreed to contact WB Mason to see about purchasing bulk alternative K-cups.


  • Contact WB Mason regarding bulk order of alternative K-cups (MA)
  • Individuals talk to their department Admins about purchasing alternatives (STF members)
  • Copiers – Procurement secured deal with Xerox to lease highly efficient copiers. Matt had lots to offer regarding their benefits including decrease in energy use, cost per sheet, toner savings, upcycling at the end of its life etc. Thanks Matt! It’s great that we are moving in this direction. To find out more, email Matt (
  • Purchases in General – Please contact Matt Agnese for new purchases. His team can help you find greener options, streamline purchases, offer better prices via negotiations etc.  Stop ordering from Amazon and send him an email.


#6  Sustainability Awareness

  • STF slide will be presented Whoi’s monthly New Employee Orientation. Julie Fawkes has our slide and she’s onboard with the idea.  We would only need 5-10 minutes during the orientation and use the ppt slide as a source of info.


  • Present STF slide during Whoi’s New Employee Orientation (SM, Dina, Ann Devenish)
  • Update 2014 Accomplishments on STF website (DP + DD)


#7: Electric Vehicle charging station Debrief.

  • Locations determined – Clark South + School Street Lot

Action:  Select Vendor (procurement is helping with this effort (SM + Rich Lovering)


Items not fully addressed but still important:

#8: Plug Loads review- we need a user friendly write up or Help Sheet for Website.

Action:  We need someone to write up user friendly help sheet (Jonathan?)