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April 15, 2020

AttendancePam Polloni, Mai Maheigan, Taylor Heyl, Connor Ahearn, Stephanie Madsen, Susan Mills

#1   Sustainable products available on WB Mason Favorites page.

  • If you don’t have a WB Mason/Whoi account, contact Procurement and they will help you set one up


#2  Garden Plot -  STF is moving to Plot #23 in the Village Gardens!  The plot is to the far left (when facing the plots looking uphill towards Nobska house). Our plot is the middle one with 4 rows of really nice soil!


  • Notify Seb Bigorre if you want to help the STF Garden Team or donate materials and/or plants. (you’ll have to fill out a waiver if you plan to visit the site)
  • Let Catherine Offinger know if you plan to visit the garden during Covid time – reach out to me for Cathy’s cell #
  • Wear a mask and gloves (only 10 people allowed in garden at same time during Covid time.

#3  Beekeeping Update - The Beekeeping team is making great strides with a beehive/box setup. Thank you for building the hive (Zach + Dan)!

  • We reviewed and edited the guidelines and waiver as a team.
  • We discussed the Google Drive Beekeeping file which houses important docs and volunteer calendar
  • Location was established behind the Carpenter shop by the trees. This Beta site is not near the walking paths.
  • Bees were ordered (thank you Danie!)


  • Edit and post final BeeKeeping Guidelines and Waiver (SM, DK + MM)
  • Contact Danie Kinkade if you’d like to volunteer and to be added to the beekeeping list serve.
  • Fill out your availability on the Beekeeping Calendar on Google Drive- reach out to Steph if you need access
  • Establish Covid-19 protocols for starting the hive (DK with Kathi Benjamin)

#4  Composting at the Buttery – expand what we already do (aka veggie scraps behind the counter)

  • The pilot program in the Main Dining room of the Buttery results are in. We established that we need 2 narrow tall receptacles inside the Buttery, one near the center and one by the dish return. The Compost Vendor will pick up 3 round barrels at the Buttery back door 2 x per week – Wednesdays and Fridays (perhaps ore often during the summer).
  • We are waiting for cost estimates for this program before we apply for grant $ to fund this effort
  • And we need to Research Composting Vendors - news flash - Mary Ryther at Compost With Me can no longer support her Commercial Customers but negotiated same pricing with 2 other vendors - We need to research and pick a vendor to take over the composting services at the Buttery and for parties.
    • Black Earth Compost
    • City Compost –


  • Research Composting Vendors Black Earth Compost and City Compost (All) Please send Stephanie feedback after conducting research.

#5 WSS Events

  • T3C Hiking Passport launch - WHOI employees with kids or without kids are looking for nature experiences to help stay healthy and calm anxiety.  Take the Trails Challenge and hike 8 trails in town! See the link about to download to Passports.
  • Earth Day (April 22) virtual video blitz celebrating the new Water Kiosk in Waterfront Park in WH and Rachel Carson Day (April 23). Check out the video on WHOI’s Facebook page

  • Repair Café – (postponed tbd) scheduled for Thursday, May 7 4:00-6:00.


  • Add T3C Hiking Passports to Whoi’s Wiki Resource page and STF Blog post (MM + DP)
  • Watch the Water Kiosk/Rachel Carson Tribute video on Facebook (All)
  • Celebrate and enjoy open spaces in Falmouth – we are grateful to conservation organizations in town!

 #6    STF Instagram Account – We got approval from Communications to start an STF Instagram account.


  • Discuss appropriate social media protocols with Sherrie Goldstein (Whoi communications) – (SM, MM +HH)

 #7  Solar update –

Rooftop Solar - We are moving forward with installing solar panels on Clark and Clark So. Engineers visiting the week to assess roof structural integrity week of April 27th.

Off-site Solar – As of April 25th, WHOI has saved $370,000 to date by purchasing off-site solar credits from Massachusetts solar arrays, $200,000 in savings from 2019 alone.


  • Steph meet with ReVision Energy engineers on Tuesday, April 28th
  • Repair roof lining integrity on Clark So. (Facilities Team) and replace walkway to tank (Carpenters)

 #8  New Business