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Lauren Dykeman

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Student Lauren Dykman looking at deep-sea parasites in the Mullineaux Lab. (Daniel Hentz © WHOI)

This year’s theme is equity, diversity, and inclusion: water unites us. Today the U.N. is hosting an assembly on achieving clean water for everyone, and the role of women and girls in science as agents of change in water sanitation, conservation, and access. 

Here at WHOI, we are united by water. And we are committed to attaining full and equal access and participation for women and girls in science-the primary reason that the U.N. established this day. 

Throughout our history, WHOI has been home to extraordinary women in science and engineering. In recent years, we have been working to create an educational and workplace culture where the voices of all people are fully heard and fully included-particularly those that have been marginalized in the past. 

In solidarity with women and girls around the world, we present a selection of stories about our women in science-featured in the last year-who are shaping the future of ocean-based science. 

Read them all: