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Women's Lounges at WHOI

The Women’s Committee is happy to announce the renovation of two Women’s Lounges. Each is equipped with a couch, microwave, sink and small fridge, these lounges provide private, secure spaces to pump, nurse, or rest. The lounges are located on the Quissett Campus in Clark 325 and on the Village Campus through the 2nd floor Ladies washroom in the Redfield building. They can be reserved with an online scheduler (, and are otherwise available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Priority should always be given to breastfeeding, pumping, or expectant mothers. Please contact the Women’s Committee with any questions or feedback.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms at WHOI

Single-use bathrooms, which are equipped with locks, will now be identified with an “All-Gender” sign to denote the restroom as being gender-neutral and therefore available for anyone’s use. Multi-use bathrooms, which do not lock and instead have lockable stalls, will continue to be identified with “Women” or “Men” restroom signage. A new sign will be mounted outside of these restrooms stating that all are welcome to use the facilities that correspond with their gender identity and the sign will include a map showing where the closest “All-Gender” restroom is located.

Building Name Campus Floor Number
38 Water Street Village 3
Bell House Quissett 2
Bell House Quissett 1
Bigelow Village G
Carriage House Quissett 1
Carriage House Quissett 2
Caryn Village 1
Central Plant Quissett Mezz.
Challenger Annex Village 1
Challenger Annex Village 2
Challenger House Village 1
Co-Op Village 1
Crowell Village 1
Crowell Village 2
Crowell Village 3
ESL Quissett 1
Exhibit Center-Discovery Center Village 1
Fenno Quissett 2
Fenno Quissett G
Fenno Quissett 1
GEOSECS/Procurement Quissett 1
Hangar Village 1
Iselin / Machine Shop Village 3
L'hirondonelle Village 1
L'hirondonelle Village 2
Losos Quissett 1
McLean Quissett 2/lobby
McLean Quissett 1
MRF (Necropsy area) Quissett 1
Nobska Village 1
Nobska Village 2
Port Office Village 2
QFB-Carpenter Shop-Winch Pool-Stock Room Quissett 1 each
Redfield Village 2
Redfield Village 3
Shipping/Receiving Quissett North 1
Shiverick Village 1
Shiverick Village 2
Shore Lab Quissett 1
Swift Village 2
Vehicle Maintenance Quissett North 1
Vincent House Village 1
Vincent House Village 2
Walsh Cottage Village 1
Walsh Cottage Village 2

Reporting Harassment, Bullying, and Abuse

Please see the Workplace Climate Committee's recommendations for reporting hostile behavior.
Confidential WHOI Hotline - available to all members of the WHOI community to confidentially report concerns about their workplace environment, unethical activities, or violations to Institution policies that you may feel uncomfortable talking about: anonymous hotline reporting service on this website or by phone (866) 868-0920.

Resources for Women

This index is intended as a career development resource for women at WHOI. This list does not constitute an endorsement of these organizations by the Women's Committee or WHOI.

Related Links

» WHOI Softball - open to all!  See 2022 schedule
Are you interested in meeting new people, getting outside more, having some fun and exercise? Or miss your old team? Join WHOI softball!

There will be a couple of softball skills days offered this season!  These are designed to help the less-experienced players get some one-on-one help from experienced players.  You will have a chance to practice hitting, throwing, and fielding without any pressure or intimidation from big arms or big hitters. Again, the main focus is on learning the game.

As with all WHOI softball events, the goal is for everyone to have fun playing a great game.  Come enjoy the WHOI community at McKee Field as we all get better together.

Skills days will start at 5:30p on: May 26th & June 16th

» Women Exploring the Oceans Website
Be sure to visit the web site Women Exploring the Oceans. The site is updated monthly and features interviews with women working in various areas of science, underscoring the many paths into science and the diversity of the people who choose science as a career.

» The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Overseas
Traveling overseas can be an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Absorbing the natural beauty and learning about the new cultures and places helps one to understand and appreciate our rich global community. To make your adventure overseas as safe and memorable as possible, it is important to keep travel tips in mind. Whether planning to leave the country on an educational tour or to enjoy a different side of life, adequate knowledge of the area of the world you will be visiting is important, its laws, general customs, tourist regulations and proper safety precautions are important for a successful trip. The following is a handful of tips to keep you safe and ensure a successful trip.