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Linda Morse-Porteous

Linda Morse-Porteous was a research assistant in the Biology Department at WHOI from 1971 to 1991. To honor her memory, John Porteous established the Linda Morse-Porteous Award in 1991, which recognizes a female technician (graded or technical staff) for her:

  • Leadership
  • Dedication to and quality of work
  • Abilities as a role model and/or mentor for junior women
  • Involvement in the WHOI community

The women eligible for this award have any of the following titles:

  • Senior Research Specialist
  • Research Specialist
  • Research Associate
  • Senior Research Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Senior Information Systems Specialist
  • Information Systems Specialist
  • Information Systems Associate
  • Senior Information Systems Assistant
  • Information Systems Assistant
  • Principal Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Research Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Senior Engineering Assistant
  • Engineering Assista

On the annual WHOI Employee Recognition Day, the recipient of the award is presented with a plaque and monetary award. The award is supported through donations and fundraising within WHOI and further tax-deductible contributions can be made by contacting the Development Office.

Mary Sears Women Pioneer Oceanography Award

The Mary Sears Women Pioneers in Oceanography Award recognizes long-term, life achievement and impact, with special consideration given to candidates who also have shown leadership through mentoring junior scientists, technicians, or students. MORE


Nomination Guidelines

Employees nominate candidates (from WHOI only) for the award by submitting the Nomination Form to the Women's Committee (2 pages max). Please be specific and provide examples of how the candidate has demonstrated each of the four criteria listed above. The Selection Committee will use this document to choose the recipient.

Nominations are carried forward for three years. Multiple and repeat nominations are also appropriate and encouraged. Letters will be forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion in candidates' personnel folders with permission of sponsor.

Past Winners

1991 Carol Alessi
1992 Sheila Griffin
1993 Dale Goehringer
1994 Dorinda Ostermann
1995 Fredricka Valois
1996 Judith Fenwick
1997 Christine Hammond
1998 Jean Whelan
1999 Susan Mills
2000 Ellyn Montgomery
2001 Debbie Schafer
2002 Nancy Copley
2003 Julie Palmieri
2004 Nan Galbraith
2005 Joanne Goudreau
2006 Janet Fredericks
2007 Ann McNichol
2008 Cyndy Chandler
2009 Marti Jeglinski
2010 Terry McKee
2011 Julie Allen
2012 Elizabeth “BL” Owens
2013 Diana Franks
2014 Alison Macdonald
2015 Amy Kukulya
2016 Dawn Moran
2017 Katherine Joyce
2018 Sheri White
2019 Stace Beaulieu
2020 Sibel Karchner
2021 Gwyneth Packard
2022 Heather Benway