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"Illuminating Stories" is a special exhibition featuring the art of Herring Pond Tribe Members & students, to be held November 6, 2021, 4-6pm at Pilgrim Hall Museum, 75 Court St., Plymouth, MA 02360.

The art was produced out of a three-day workshop with Meclina Gomes, co-founder Community Art Collaborative and Plymouth North and Plymouth South art teachers, Lauren Jezierski and Rushell Kwong in co-creation with Jennifer Harding, Kathleen Gately & Melissa Ferretti of the Herring Pond Tribe.


Multi color round seal. The outer ring of the seal says Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe. The inner ring lists Pondville, Comassakumkanit, Patuxet, Manomet, Sagamore, and Shawme, with feathers on either side. The inner disk shows a tribe member paddling on a river, the sun rising on the horizon. In the sky are blue animal shapes, including deer, turtle, and fish.