Call for Nominations

The WHOI Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) is being formed to report to the President and Director of the Institution.  The newly appointed co-chairs of the CDI are soliciting membership nominations from across departments, ladders, career stages, and demographics.  The CDI is charged with aiding the Institution in its effort to recruit, retain and mentor a diverse community of employees, students and postdoctoral researchers and foster a culture of inclusion.

We are looking for 9 members who reflect broad representation.  Of these founding members, half will serve one year so that replacement is staggered.  A standard member term will be two years.

In addition to committee membership, there will be ample opportunities for every member of the WHOI community to engage in CDI projects, and participate in the committee's open meetings.

If you would like to help the CDI directly, please contact the committee directly:

Please submit nominations to no later than September 10th.

Appointees will be notified by September 30th.