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June 2020

June is Pride Month, when we reflect on the rights, dignity, and equality afforded in our society to our LGBTQ+/GSM community. It is ordinarily a time for celebration. This year, in the wake of George Floyd's brutal murder, many LGBTQ+ Pride organizations across the country have come together to lift the voices of Black LGBTQ+ people. Pride must be intersectional. The message of Pride is one of equality, and in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." This June, the CDI invites you to take a moment to learn more about the "intersectionality" between these movements for justice and equity for every member of our community. For more resources for LGBTQ+ people and allies, check out the GLOW website and the CDI Resources webpage.

In honor of Pride Month, you can make the Institution a more welcoming place by putting up a "You are welcome here" sign on your office, lab, and web spaces. It does make a difference.