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On Thursday, August 1, 35 students from MIT and the MIT-WHOI Joint Program gathered for Common Goods: Policy-making amidst a sea of possibilities. Four panelists included Dr. Nicholas Ashford, MIT Professor of Technology and Policy. Dr. David Cash, MA Commissioner of Public Utilities, Lynne Hale, director of The Nature Conservancy’s Global Marine Initiative, and Dr. Porter Hoagland at WHOI’s Marine Policy Center. These experts engaged in an in-depth discussion ranging from incentives for scientists to engage with policy makers, to scientific uncertainty, to strategies for engaging multiple stakeholders. Audience members contributed insightful questions to make a lively conversation. Following a lunch reception, panelists shared their career path experiences.

This event was a collaboration with MIT’s Science Policy Initiative, a student group promoting the use of science to inform policy decisions and engagement of scientists in the policy arena. BIG hopes to continue this fruitful collaboration in the future.