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Working Groups

Academic Recruitment

Academic Recruitment Group is responsible for enhancing the recruitment of under-represented groups to our Academic Programs (JP, postdocs, undergrad programs).  This group works with APO, PEP, and MIT to establish institutional relationships and pathways for access. Current initiatives focus on middle and high school outreach education, student recruitment strategies, and publishing the Through the Porthole newsletter which offers resources for undergraduate students considering applying to graduate school.

Contact: Kama Thieler and Tom Bell


The Messaging Group is responsible for composing, designing, and communicating our message within and beyond the WHOI community. They collaborated with local community media center, FCTV, to publish a series of short interviews called “Conversation Starters”. This series highlights members of the WHO community working on DEI related initiatives (linked here). This group is also responsible for designing and launching the #humansofwhoi campaign in collaboration with the Communications Department, as well as working with the CDEIO on expanding inclusive artwork on the WHOI campus.

Contact: Elise Hugus and Kate Lane


Events Group is responsible for organizing the Committee's participation in events we initiate, such as Celebrating Humans of WHOI, as well as those we co-sponsor with other groups and the CDEIO. We also developed and maintain the WHOI Inclusive Event Guidelines.

Contact: Sara Gonzalez

Retired Working Groups

The CDEI recongizes that at any point in time, new working groups are needed to tackle issues and these usually grow out of community interest and engagement from both within and outside of the CDEI. In the past, we have had working groups that focused on Community Building, the URGE program, Incubator for new ideas, and Room Naming. If you have ideas for future working groups, email the co-chairs: Julie Huber & Ben Weiss.


POC Speak Up: A listening event

By gepackard | June 30, 2020

You are invited to an event organized by community members to highlight voices of local people of color.  Curated storytelling and art will center on racism, police brutality, marginalization, and life as a minority here on Cape Cod. The event is Saturday, July 11th at 2pm on the Hyannis Village Green.

Historic Challenger Deep Visit

By gepackard | June 26, 2020

WHOI’s Ying-Tsong (Y.T.) Lin has become the first WHOI scientist to visit Challenger Deep in person and only “the 12th person in history and the first person of Asian descent to visit ocean’s deepest seafloor.” Dr. Lin is a scientist in the Ocean Acoustics & Signals Lab in the Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering department.…


By gepackard | June 19, 2020

Amid this year’s Black Lives matter protests and charged atmosphere, Juneteenth is receiving widespread recognition.  George Floyd’s brutal murder has sparked a national reckoning on race and police brutality.  Even before today’s demands for more transparency and accountability in policing, and racial justice in our society, remembrance of this piece of American history was having…

The Intersectionality of Pride

By gepackard | June 19, 2020

June is Pride Month, when we reflect on the rights, dignity, and equality afforded in our society to our LGBTQ+/GSM community. It is ordinarily a time for celebration. This year, in the wake of George Floyd’s brutal murder, many LGBTQ+ Pride organizations across the country have come together to lift the voices of Black LGBTQ+…

Hope Amidst Hurt: Anti-Racism and the Future of WHOI

By gepackard | June 13, 2020

On Friday the WCC and the CDI co-hosted a WHOI CommuniTea to give our WHOI community time to reflect and process together in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police officers. Over 250 people joined to listen and learn from thoughtful presentations framing the difficult conversations that we must have to…

#shutdownacademia and #shutdownSTEM

By gepackard | June 12, 2020

On Wednesday in Woods Hole, “more than 300 people—including engineers, chemists, and microbiologists—marched to support the Black Lives Matter movement and condemn institutional racism in academia and science.” Community members stopped business as usual to reflect on anti-black racism in America, recognize ways academia perpetuates harmful narratives, and plan ways to stop injustice. See local…

Meeting with AOPE Senior Staff

By gepackard | May 4, 2020

We were invited to speak to the AOPE senior staff at the weekly meeting today. Our presentation can be found on our internal page here. We introduced the work of the CDI and ways for everyone to be involved. Thank you to everyone who attended for the warm reception and your engagement! The discussion afterward…

CDI working groups

By gepackard | April 26, 2020

Hello! The CDI is organizing working groups to focus on on-going tasks. Watch this space to learn more!