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ADCP Survey


5-min averaged SADCP currents along DBO5

Underway hull-mounted ADCP data were collected throughout the cruise using two independent systems. These were a 75 kHz Ocean Surveyor (OS75) and a 150 kHz Ocean Surveyor (OS150) ADCP (both from Teledyne RD Instruments). UHDAS data acquisition software from University of Hawaii was used to collect raw ADCP data from each instrument. Subsequent post-cruise processing was then carried out to obtain the final, quality controlled velocity profiles. Lastly, the barotropic tidal signals were removed from the data using the OTIS tidal predictions, kindly provided by Laurie Padman, Earth Systems Research.

Special care was taken to steam at a slower speed (12 kts, or 10 kts during high-wind conditions) during the transects to ensure higher data quality and greater data return. The overall quality of the SADCP data was very good, with the exception of the measurements collected in water depths of 30 m or less. In such areas the SADCP data return was minimal due to the frequency ranges used. Please see cruise report for more details.


Please see below for the final quality-controlled and edited shipboard ADCP data and documentation.

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