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Station map for the HLY1702 cruise

The inaugural cruise of the Distributed Biological Observatory – Northern Chukchi Integrated Study (DBO-NCIS) was successfully carried out from 26 August to 15 September 2017 aboard the US Coast Guard Cutter Healy. The overall goal of DBO-NCIS is to document and understand ongoing changes to the Pacific-Arctic ecosystem in light of the changing physical drivers. The main objectives for the 2017 cruise were (1) to occupy DBO lines 3-5 in the Chukchi Sea with an extensive suite of water column and benthic measurements; and (2) to carry out a process study of the northeastern Chukchi shelf designed to understand the physical-biological links that result in the biological hot spots in this region.

This website is where information on the DBO-NCIS program can be found, along with relevant data products. Please contact Robert Pickart ( or Leah McRaven ( for further details.

Photo credit: Amanda Norcross, USCC
Photo credit: Amanda Norcross, USCC
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