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Research Radar: Dr. Sophie Hines

One of the first, and most important, steps in going to grad school involves finding an advisor, and knowing who to choose can be confusing. In fact, just knowing what faculty are working on and whether they have the funding to take on a graduate student can be hard. In this edition, we interviewed Sophie Hines, a marine chemist/paleooceanographer, who is looking for a new student to join her lab!

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Setting boundaries in gRad school

Starting graduate school can be an exciting, yet confusing time, and setting expectations with your advisor right off the bat is essential to a healthy and functional advisor-advisee dynamic. In this article, we dig into the how, when and why you should have "the talk" with your advisor. This article also features a suite of tweets to offer guidance and tips on how you can get the most out of these conversations.

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undergraduate research experiences

How do you gain valuable research experience as an undergraduate? What programs are available in the geosciences? We try to answer those questions and more via the perspectives of two current graduate students and one undergraduate student. Read on to hear about their experiences and advice for pursing research experiences as an undergrad!

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