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Getting Involved as a Graduate Student

Part of the process of creating a home may involve figuring out your favorite grocery store or biking route, but it can also involve wrestling with the culture, politics, and idiosyncrasies of your new home. Your tenure as a graduate student may be relatively short, but you can use that time to improve your community for yourself, future students, and do it hand-in-hand with the folks who already live there.

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Housing How-To's

How do you find housing? Will you live with roommates? How far are you going to live from where you work? Is there going to be affordable housing? How are you going to visit the places before deciding on where to live? These are real concerns that can be difficult to answer. This article will draw on experiences from a few graduate students across the country who recently moved, to shed some light on some Housing How-Tos!

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Taking Care of Your Health in Grad School

Why do we need to talk about health in graduate school? Academia isn’t well known for being easy on your mental health, and physically aging throughout your degree can bring major changes, regardless of your age when starting. Taking the time to invest in preventative care and learning to advocate for yourself in the complicated network of healthcare providers, insurance, and school policies will leave you better prepared to navigate the inevitable physical and mental challenges of graduate school. The topics in this article touch on some common themes and unique aspects of managing your health as a graduate student in the United States.

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