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Student Spotlight: Jaida Elcock

Jaida Elcock is a Joint Program student, but she's also relatively well-known as a science communicator on TikTok and Instagram. In fact, she's gotten noticed enough to land a fellowship for her work in the online ecosystem. We interviewed her about this recent development, what she works on, and her experience as a student.


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Moving for Grad School

In this article, the Though the Porthole Crew reflects on their experiences in relocating for graduate school. Each crew member provides a unique perspective on the challenges and excitement that comes with moving, with some moving across the country and others across the state of MA!


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DEI and Graduate Student Unionization

Stay tuned for a special two part primer on graduate student unionization, how it relates to DEI, and what it might mean for your future graduate pursuits.

Read Part 1: Unions, Student Workers, and Conflict

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