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Returning to the field

Returning to the field!

In our last issue, we shared pictures of Joint Program students collecting environmental samples for analysis, working with underwater robots, and more! Many of those pictures were from the pre-COVID world. Some showed JP students at work in masks during COVID, but many students had to postpone fieldwork during 2020. Now, during the summer of 2021, more students are returning to fieldwork! We have some updated pictures to share of JP students at work!

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Student Spotlight: The First Year

Graduate school, no matter what came before, will be a new experience. Despite the label, parts are less like school and more like a normal job, and the parts that are school in the traditional sense of classes tend to have a narrower scope and higher intensity. We’ve surveyed four students in the Joint Program who have just completed their first year, and they offered a fresh set of ideas on what to look for and expect in graduate school!

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Navigating grad school apps

So you want to apply to grad school ... How do you get big fancy scientists to talk to you about their labs???

You’re applying to graduate school, congratulations! We’re here to provide insight into the sometimes murky waters of how to find a spot in a lab with research that you’re excited about. Here we provide a guide for how to “cold” email professors you don’t know, including the best information to provide about your academic interests, tips for what type of information the professor might like to know about you, and example templates of what a cold email to a potential advisor might look like.

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