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Joint Program students at work!

What does it look like to work in the geosciences? Research in the Joint Program brings students from the Arctic to Antarctica, and everywhere else in between. In the field, students work with cutting-edge ocean engineering tools and collect biological and chemical samples. We analyze what we've collected back in lab or sometimes on the deck of a ship! Here are some pictures of current MIT-WHOI Joint Program students at work.

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Student Spotlight: Lei Ma and Lydia Babcock-Adams

Each issue of Through the Porthole will feature one of our own students: their experience in the Joint Program, their experiences getting here, their goals, and what they'd like to share with students thinking about getting into oceanography or the geosciences generally.

This month, we feature two students with different academic paths, both of which led to graduate school in oceanography: Lei Ma and Lydia Babcock-Adams.

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Diving in: A perspective on paths to grad school

What is going into grad school like, and who does it? For our second issue of Through the Porthole, we surveyed a large chunk of the Joint Program to find out what their experiences were before coming to the program. What's important for making this step in your career as a scientist might not be what you think it is.

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