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What to know before you go (Fieldwork’s version)

Delve into the world of oceanographic fieldwork beyond the idyllic images of scientists at sea. From mental health challenges amidst isolation to advocating for physical safety and combating discrimination, this article offers a candid exploration of the diverse experiences faced by graduate students in the field. Gain insights and tips that illuminate the path towards safer, more rewarding field expeditions.

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Seasickness Porthole

Seasickness: The Queasy Truth

Embarking on ship-based fieldwork can be a daunting prospect for many graduate students, but for those who battle seasickness, the challenge is even greater. This article delves into the experiences of these intrepid individuals--from innovative remedies to sheer determination, their stories offer insight into the tenacity and adaptability of the human spirit in pursuit of knowledge.

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Student Spotlight: Shavonna Bent

Join Shavonna Bent, a daring marine chemistry PhD student, as she braves the icy winds and isolation of Palmer Station in Antarctica. From leading research cruises to maneuvering boats round icebergs, Shavonna shares her thrilling journey of scientific exploration in one of the world's most extreme environments. Get ready for a wild ride filled with penguins, lipids, and longing for fresh lettuce!

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