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Celebrating Black History Month in the Geosciences

Our inaugural issue of Through the Porthole coincides with the start of Black History Month, a time to celebrate the (too often overlooked) achievements of Black Americans in all areas of American history and culture. It is also a time to reflect on the barriers that persist for Black Americans today, and to plan how each of us can contribute to building a more just society. 

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Student Spotlight: Paris Smalls

Each issue of Through the Porthole will feature one of our own students: their experience in the Joint Program, their experiences getting here, their goals, and what they'd like to share with students thinking about getting into oceanography or the geosciences generally.

This month: Paris Smalls, researcher of geothermal systems and CEO of Eden GeoTech!

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Research Radar: Adam Subhas

Going to grad school involves an advisor, and knowing who to choose as an advisor can be confusing. In fact, just knowing what faculty are working on and whether they have the funding to take on a graduate student can be hard. In each edition of Through the Porthole, we will interview a Joint Program faculty member who is currently looking for a grad student, and give you an idea of what they look for.

This edition: Adam Subhas; biogeochemist, musician, and one of WHOI's Doherty Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Advisors!

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