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September 2011

Women’s Committee Minutes

September 21, 2011 

In attendance: Fay Cali, Kim Grodzki, Beth Ryan, Liz Douglass, Heather Benway, Dina Pandya


  • Put an ad in Headlines regarding nominations being sure to include the fact that nominees must have been employed by the Institution for at least one year and that they cannot be temporary employees.  Run this ad through September 30th.  Heather is working with Gizmo to set up the online survey once we have the nominees.  Voting will take place between October 3rd and October 7th.  Will have a welcome and goodbye meeting on October 19th including pizza and soda around 11:30 in MRF or Marine Operations.  We can get Steve’s Pizza to deliver with paper goods.  Order four pizzas; pay with credit card.
  • Fay will check with Christine Charette regarding a replacement graduate student for Carter Esch’s position on this committee.
  • Decide at October 19th meeting whether to have a wine and cheese social in early November.
  • Beth will order the sofa for the Redfield ladies’ room from Wal-Mart.  Fay will pick the sofa up at the store and bring it to Redfield.  We need to contact Facilities to remove the old sofa.  Need to buy a lamp and a very small table for the room as well.  Consider buying a new changing pad for the changing table.
  • Consider recovering the lounge in the ladies’ room in Bigelow.
  • Ginny offered to hold another self-defense class in mid-January.  We need to secure a location.  Decide if the committee wants to pay the $5.00 fee for supplies for the class.  Get dates from Ginny.
  • Hold a coffee hour in January.  Secure room.
  • Consider options for Women’s History Month in March
  • Consider Mitzi Crane as speaker for the Annual Dinner.