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November 2011

Women’s Committee Minutes

November 2, 2011

In attendance:  Fay Cali, Kim Grodzki, Beth Ryan, Heather Benway, Dina Pandya, Ginny Edgcomb, Sylvia Cole, Liz Douglass, and Mary Murphy

Today’s meeting was a welcome lunch for new members Kelly Servant, Mary Murphy, Amanda Spivak, and Sylvia Cole.  We also said a fond and sad farewell to departing members Fay Cali, Dina Pandya and Liz Douglass.  Batons were passed…

  • Kim Grodzki is now Chair
  • Heather Benway is Web Master and Treasurer
  • Beth Ryan is Secretary


  • What the Committee does and how it works was discussed with new members.
  • Final Womens Committee budget amount will be announced in January 2012; Diane McCarthy in the Directorate is the point of contact.
  • A coffee hour needs to planned for January, theme set and a room secured.
  • Ginny Edgcomb graciously volunteered to do another Self Defense class sometime mid      March – a Monday, Wednesday or Friday preferably, perhaps at noon
  • We need suggestions for possible events for Womens History month in March.  Past examples: a web seminar, panel discussion and lecture by documentary                 filmmaker…
  • Kim will update email list to reflect committee changes.
  • Mitzi Crane suggested as speaker for the Annual Dinner in June, suggestions from  new    committee members welcome,
  • Headlines announcement for locations of nursing lounges - Redfield, Cark, Bigelow and McClean suggested.
  • Privacy screen for Bigelow nursing lounge and throw pillows for Redfield suggested,  table and lamp still needed for Redfield