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March 2011

Women's Committee Meeting

March 16, 2011
Marine Operations Conference Room

In attendance: Fay Cali, Kim Grodzki, Ginny Edgcomb, Heather Benway, Liz Douglass


Beth Murphy
The presentation by Beth Murphy of Principle Pictures spoke of her transition from news anchor to film producer and her travels to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Beth showed trailers of her films, one of which is currently available titled “Beyond Belief”.  The Committee feels that the purchase of this DVD would be a worthwhile effort so people can borrow the movie for home viewing.  We would need to set parameters (how long to rent, who holds the DVD, sign-out sheet, etc.)  Chef Roland catered and beer/wine/beverages were provided.  Approximately 30 people were in attendance.  Heather Benway purchased a thank you gift for Beth on behalf of the Committee.

Coffee Hour
It was decided that coffee hour will be held on Thursday, April 14th from 9:30-10:30 in the Clark lobby.  Kim has reserved the area and has requested Meeting Services provide coffee/tea for 33-48 people, along with juice and water.  They will also pick up four dozen bagels and cream cheese from Cape Cod Bagel.  This event will cost approximately $200.00.  We will need to advertise in WHOI Headlines on March 31st and again on April 7th.  Kim will also send the announcement around to the AP’s so they can post it in their respective areas.  Fay thought we should ask people coming to coffee hour to bring canned goods or new toiletries which will be collected and sent over to the Falmouth Service Center.  Ginny will get a large box and make a sign for it promoting coffee hour and Falmouth Service Center.  She will place it in the Clark lobby a few days ahead of the event.  More information on the Falmouth Service Center can be found here:

Horizons for Homeless Children Sponsorship
This informational event will be held at the Exhibit Center and is being organized by Kathy Patterson.  The group contacted the Women’s Committee to ask if we would sponsor them and we agreed.  This only serves as a method for the group to come to WHOI and speak about their cause.  More information can be found here:

Annual Dinner
The annual dinner will be held Thursday, June 9th in Clark 507 (already reserved).  Cindy Van Dover is our guest speaker.

Fay thought it would be nice to invite Beth Murphy (see above) to this event if she has not left for Afghanistan already.  If Beth is able to attend, we could ask all attendees to provide new hair accessories for the young girls in Afghanistan which Beth can bring with her on the trip.

Regarding catering, we should as Roland to make fewer hors d’oeuvres so people eating dinner will not be so full.

Monthly Meetings
Monthly meetings could possibly be held in the Marine Operations conference room above Coffee Obsession (2nd floor) which is right outside Kim’s office and would not generally need to be reserved (and has a Keurig coffee/hot chocolate machine!)

Currently, MBL does not have a Women’s Committee.  Consideration might be given to asking those women to join our committee.

Next Meeting
April 20th in MRF 204 at 9:30.