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January 2011

Women's Committee Meeting

January 19, 2011
Bigelow 217

In attendance: Fay Cali, Kim Grodzki, Dina Pandya, Carter Esch, Liz Douglas, Heather Benway, Sonya Dyhrman

Women’s History Month
Beth Murphy of Principle Pictures will present a film trailer and clips, in addition to providing a short talk on her experience being a filmmaker, producer, etc. and working in Iraq among other places.  This event will take place on Tuesday, March 15that 3:00 in Redfield Auditorium.  Kim will work with Meeting Services and Chef Roland’s Catering regarding appetizers and beverages.  We still have some beer and wine left over from the Annual Dinner last June which may need to be supplemented with some different types of beer and white wine.  Our budget for catering and Meeting Services is ~$450.00.

Heather will look into purchasing a “thank you” gift for Beth.  The budget for the gift is ~$100.00.

Dina will check with Matt Barton regarding AV needs and whether there is a clip microphone for Beth if she would like to use that method.

Heather will provide Dina with a title for the talk so Dina can work on the flyer and add it to the Women’s Committee website.  The talk should be promoted beginning mid-February up until the event.  We will include MBL in the invitation.  Once the flyer is complete, Dina will forward to AP’s so they can post it in their areas.

Fay feels we should reconsider having the Annual Dinner as in the past, with tickets to a catered sit-down dinner.  The ticket price pays for the appetizers and dinner so we usually break even.  Also, the dinner is a tradition that a lot of folks look forward to.

Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS)
Carter will touch base with Tracey Crago, VIPS Director, to gauge Tracey’s needs for the program.  Sonya suggested that by using the term “broader impact” with proposal writers, the mentoring program might be able to be written into proposals.

Coffee Hour
Consider having a coffee hour in April that may revolve around an assertiveness program.  Fay will check with Human Resources to see if they have any suggested speakers.  Dina will check into some assertiveness programs as well.

Self-Defense Class
Consider asking Ginny Edgcomb to host a self-defense class in May if she has fully recovered from knee surgery.

Carter suggested perhaps the committee can sponsor Women to Women International, a group that helps women start their own businesses.  This sponsorship requires a $25.00/month donation.  Carter will speak with Chip Clancy to get her thoughts on how a sponsorship might work and whether there would be any conflicts of interest.

Next Meeting
Wednesday, February 16th at 9:30 in MRF 204.