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April 2011

Women's Committee Meeting

April 20, 2011
MRF 214

In attendance: Fay Cali, Kim Grodzki, Liz Douglass, Heather Benway

Linda Morse-Porteous Award
We need to decide on a nomination date and then send out the solicitation notice in Headlines.  Heather will craft a Headlines announcement and indicate that men are also allowed to make nominations.  Tina Betti will organize the selection committee consisting of several women from various departments in the Institution.  Fay and Kim volunteered to represent the WC.

Annual Dinner
The annual dinner will take place on Thursday, June 9th in Clark 507.  It was decided that appetizers should be kept to a minimum this year.  Kim will speak with Roland to organize catering and options for the dinner.  Generally, ticket prices are $25.00 for the dinner and the cocktail reception with appetizers, beer and wine is free to all.  Kim will also ask Roland about cloth tablecloths for the round dinner tables.  We will have Roland provide all services, including coffee and dessert instead of having Meeting Services provide the coffee service due to costs.

We will need to create a flyer and start spreading the word about the dinner.  Cindy VanDover is our guest speaker this year.

Cindy L Van Dover
Harvey Smith Professor of Biological Oceanography,
Director, Duke University Marine Laboratory and
Chair, Division of Marine Science & Conservation
Marine Science & ConservationPhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program

Van Dover's experience lies in the ecology of chemosynthetic ecosystems.

Primary area of expertise: oceanography

Secondary areas of expertise: biodiversity, biogeochemistry, conservation biology, ecology, marine science

Cindy has been in Alvin a number of times and will discuss her experiences diving to the bottom of the ocean in the HOV.

Guest speaker ideas included sediment pottery or a lined WHOI jacket.  Fay will speak with Kathy Patterson to see if Kathy will donate some WHOI items we can raffle off before dinner (after speaker).  This will be conducted by printing the list of paid dinner attendees and putting their names in a bucket for Cindy to draw upon.  Also, Fay will make some centerpieces, perhaps potted herbs, that can be raffled at the end of the event.

Heather will try to contact Beth Murphy of Principle Pictures to see if she is able to attend the dinner or if she will be abroad.  If Beth is available, we may ask all attendees of the dinner (& cocktail reception?) to bring new hair accessories for the young girls in Afghanistan that Beth visits.

We should be sure to pass along the dinner information/flyer to MBL, USGS, etc. and will need to ask Dina (Treasurer) to collect money and keep a list of participants.