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April 2010

Women?s Committee ? April 21, 2010
MRF 204

Members Present: Dina Pandya, Becky Gast, Stephanie Murphy

March Minutes
Need to go online.

Treasurers Report
Dina will check in with Diane McCarthy about actual numbers.

Womens' Committee Documents and Supplies
Becky has stored Committee historical records in the Women’s Lounge in Clark, so all committee members can have access to those. Also supplies can be stored there (paper plates, beverages, etc.)

Webinar “Assertive Communication” 
Cancelled due to technical difficulties. Dina will see if we can get an extension on the use of the archived webinar.

Field Work and Family Life Panel
Video will be posted on the Web site.

For this week’s Headlines
Women’s Committee update. Minutes are posted every month on the Web and we now have a link to the panel discussion video.

Annual Meeting

  • We have a speaker. Thursday, June 3rd is the date. Should give Academic Programs a heads up, in case there are graduation events.  Dinner costs between $1300 – 1500. Would like to subsidize students as we did in the past. Roland’s catering has been reserved. Ask him to provide bartender. Speaker bio will be posted on the Web site.
  • Will open event to the Woods Hole community (USGS, MBL, Fisheries, etc.). Kid price would be a student price.
  • 4:30 social hour; 5:30 talk; 6:30 dinner.
  • Ask Fay what beverages she has.
  • Post SAVE THE DATE for the dinner announcement next week in Headlines.
  • Gift – something from WHOI. Flounder plate from under the sun? Josh Simpson glass ball?
  • Becky or Fay will do the introduction.

Women’s Committee Banner
Would need to re-draw the tree. Need to find out what the history of the tree is and then decide if it’s worth having it redone.

Linda Morse-Porteus Award
Announcement will be posted in this week’s Headlines. Employee Recognition is June 24, when the winner will be announced. Evy and Fay will be on the selection committee – Becky will let HR know who our reps. are and will be in touch.