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Fieldwork Climate

Fieldwork is a large part of how researchers at WHOI better understand the oceans and our planet.  WHOI operates 2 UNOLS ships (R/V Atlantis and R/V Neil Armstrong) as well as the coastal vessel R/V Tioga. Many WHOI employees conduct research on these and other vessels including UNOLS vessels, ships from other countries, and small boat charters.  Other researchers participate in field or ice camps to study exposed seafloor rocks, near-shore or lake processes, and glaciers among other things.

Thus, “workplace climate” needs to address these remote work locations as well as laboratories, offices and shops on WHOI’s campus.  The WHOI Workplace Climate Committee (WCC) has held CommuniTea (small-group discussion) events on the topic of climate in the field. As suggested during those discussions, this webpage is intended to serve as a clearing house for information, best practices and resources related to fieldwork climate.




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Upcoming Meetings/Events

Ocean Sciences ‘24

UNOLS Town Hall on Gender Safety and Inclusivity at Sea

Past Meetings/Events

October 22, 2021  WHOI WCC CommuniTea on Workplace Climate At Sea / In The FieldDiscussion notes

February 17, 2023  WHOI Fieldwork Climate Working Group Workshop on  Best Practices in Leading Fieldwork: Creating a respectful climate in the fieldDiscussion notes

March 2023  DeSSC conference presentation on Civility at Sea – A Chief Scientist’s Role (by Sarah Fuller & Anna Michel) – presentation