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Dan Lowenstein

Research Assistant III (transitioning to JP student in two weeks), MC&G

I came to Woods Hole in February 2015 (the winter of Snowmageddon), and worked various jobs outside the scientific community for two years before I got a full time position at WHOI in 2017. I've worked as a research tech in three labs since then, and am about to transition into the JP as a student in Ben Van Mooy's lab (my PI of the last ~2.5 years).

I've been working on marine lipidomics (biomarkers, energy storage, pigments, etc) since joining the Van Mooy Lab, and that will be my main research focus as a graduate student.

I enjoy running, boating, small engine maintenance, and last year I repaired a classic stereo system (a feat I am particularly proud of). I've also been the Chemistry department softball coach for the last two seasons.

Fun fact: I play violin at the level of a good, but not great, eight year old.

Contact: Email me at