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Sample Submission

Before dropping or shipping samples, please make sure to do the following:

  • Contact the WHOI Nutrient Facility at least ONE WEEK prior to delivery of samples to Woods Hole. This ensures reagents, certified reference materials, and standards are ready for the analysis of your samples. Please email: or call +001 (508) 289-3466.
  • Fill out a Chain of Custody including:
    • Sample ID
    • Date collected
    • Salinity
    • Analysis you want performed
    • Other notes about the water samples that you think are relevant to ensure proper analysis (i.e. high concentrations that might need a dilution).
  • Include a copy of the chain custody with the samples. Retain a copy of the Chain of custody for your own records. It is not the responsibility of the WHOI nutrient facility to return a copy after analysis.
  • Ship samples to:
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    Attention: Paul Henderson
    360 Woods Hole Road, MS#25
    Woods Hole, MA 02543
  • If the end user would like to have the cooler and/or excess sample returned, include a pre-addressed envelope with the samples during initial delivery.

Other Notes:

  • A minimum of 20mls of sample is required for analysis to be performed at the WHOI nutrient facility. This volume would allow the analysis of duplicates and spiked additions.
  • If the samples need to be processed quickly, there will be an additional Rush charge.
  • Field Blanks need to be submitted by the facility user for nutrient analysis.