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Trace gas timeline 2

Timeline of Activities


Future publication of a Best Practice Guide for Dissolved Methane and Nitrous Oxide measurements.  This project is nearing completion and for more information, see the SOP webpage on this site.



Publication of a Perspectives article on methane and nitrous oxide measurements in the marine environment.  The article derives from the 2018 workshop and can be found here.

Wilson, S. T., Al-Haj, A. N., Bourbonnais, A., Frey, C., Fulweiler, R. W., Kessler, J. D., Marchant, H. K., Milucka, J., Ray, N. E., Suntharalingham, P., Thornton, B. F., Upstill-Goddard, R. C., Weber, T. S., Arévalo-Martínez, D. L., Bange, H. W., Benway, H. M., Bianchi, D., Borges, A. V., Chang, B. X., Crill, P. M., del Valle, D. A., Farías, L., Joye, S. B., Kock, A., Labidi, J., Manning, C. C., Pohlman, J. W., Rehder, G., Sparrow, K. J., Tortell, P. D., Treude, T., Valentine, D. L., Ward, B. B., Yang, S., and Yurganov, L. N.: Ideas and perspectives: A strategic assessment of methane and nitrous oxide measurements in the marine environment, Biogeosciences, 17, 5809–5828,, 2020.



During 2013-2018, a series of interlaboratory comparisons of oceanic methane and nitrous oxide measurements was conducted. Discrete seawater samples were collected from the North Pacific Ocean and the Baltic Sea, and distributed to twenty participating laboratories. The results of these intercomparisons was published in Biogeosciences journal in 2018. The paper highlighted the extent to which independent measurements of methane and nitrous oxide agree with each other and provided potential reasons for the differences.

Reference: Wilson, S.T., H.W. Bange, J. Barnes, A. Borges, I. Brown, J. Bullister, M. Burgos, D.W. Capelle, M. Casso, M. de la Paz, L. Farías, L. Fenwick, S. Ferrón, G. Garcia, M. Glockzin, D.M. Karl, A. Kock, S. Laperriere., C.S. Law, C.C. Manning, A. Marriner, J.-P. Myllykangas, J.W. Pohlman, A.P. Rees, A. Santoro, P. Tortell, D. Wisegarver, R.C. Upstill-Goddard, G.L. Zhang, G. Rehder (2018) An intercomparison of oceanic methane and nitrous oxide measurements. Biogeosciences 15, 5891–5907, doi: 10.5194/bg-15-5891-2018. PDF

Leading off the back of the intercomparison work, a 3 day workshop was hosted in Lake Arrowhead, California on Oceanic Methane and Nitrous Oxide: The Present Situation and Future Scenarios. The objectives, agenda, and list of participants are provided here.



As part of the SCOR Working Group activity, compressed gas standards were distributed to twelve laboratories globally. Each laboratory received a near-atmosphere standard and an elevated standard with which to calibrate their personal gas standards. Report



Creation of Scientific Commission on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Working Group #143 “Dissolved N2O and CH4 measurements: Working towards a global network of ocean time series measurements” led by Sam Wilson and Hermann Bange. WG Proposal