The workshop agenda will address the overarching question 'Where in the global oceans should spatial and temporal surveys be conducted to discern climatologically-relevant changes in water-column inventories of methane and nitrous oxide?' Therefore we will first evaluate our existing knowledge and then discuss how to address the gaps to achieve a more complete understanding of methane and nitrous oxide in the marine environment. The agenda will be shaped with input from participants and the wider community prior to the workshop.

Draft agenda for OCB Oceanic Methane and Nitrous Oxide Workshop

October 28-31, 2018
UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center


Sunday, October 28

Check-in begins at 4pm and dinner is at 6.30pm

Evening welcome to the workshop


Monday, October 29

8:00 – 9:00 am: Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00: Morning sessions

Welcome and objectives of the workshop (Sam Wilson)

Estimating the global air-sea methane flux with statistical mapping methods (Tom Weber)

Methane in the coastal shelf environment (John Kessler)

Methane in the deep sea (Mandy Joye)

12:00 – 1:00: Lunch

1:00 – 5:00: Afternoon sessions

Repeat hydrographic surveys and time-series measurements (Hermann Bange)

Nitrous oxide in oxygen minimum zones (Bess Ward)

Nitrous oxide and methane in estuaries (Rob Goddard)

MEMENTO: the database for methane and nitrous oxide (Annette Kock)

Modeling nitrous oxide and oxygen (Parv Suntharalingam)

Modeling emissions of methane from seafloor (Tina Treude)

5:00 – 6:30: Free time

6:30 – 8:00: Dinner

8:00 – 9:00 Evening session

Poster session on ‘Oceanic methane and nitrous oxide: What we know and what we need to know’


Tuesday, October 30

8:00 – 9:00 am: Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00: Morning sessions

Small-group discussions on methane and/or nitrous oxide in specific habitats or research topics. The lead for the group is expected to provide the context for the small-group topic and coordinate discussions.

12:00 – 1:00: Lunch

1:00 – 5:00: Afternoon sessions

Presentations from the morning session (Group leaders)

Microbial physiology: nitrous oxide (Alyson Santoro)

Microbial physiology: methane (Jana Milucka)

Methane isotopes (Ed Young)

5:00-6:30: Free time

6:30-8:00: Dinner

8:00 – 9:00 Evening session

Continuation of the poster session and displays from small group discussions as a ‘living posters’


Wednesday October 31

8:00 – 9:00 am: Breakfast

9:00-12:00: Morning sessions

Summary of meeting and discussion items