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Woods Hole, MA., USA
August 10-12, 2018

Draft Schedule

Friday, August 10

Clark Lab 507
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5:00-8:00 pmIcebreaker

Saturday, August 11

Clark Lab 507

730-830 amBreakfast
830-845 am Introduction
845-945 am Keynote Leonid Danyushevsky Trapping of, and post-entrapment processes in, the melt inclusions; reheating experiments with melt inclusions; and Fe-Mg exchange in melt inclusions in olivine.
945-1000 am Discussion led by Roger Nielsen
1000-1030 am Bob Bodnar Selection and characterization of melt inclusions The first step in a melt inclusion study
1030-1045 am Discussion led by Roger Nielsen
1045-1100 Coffee break
1100-1130 am Katie Kelley The thing you do last: Trace element analyses of melt inclusions by LA-ICP-MS
1130-1145 am Discussion led by Horst Marschall
1145-1215 am Graham Layne Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) for In Situ Microanalysis of Melt Inclusions
1215-1230 am Discussion led by Horst Marschall
130-200 pm Alex Nichols Using FTIR to analyze dissolved water and carbon dioxide in melt inclusions
200-215 pm Discussion led by Peter Michael
215-245 pm Lowell Moore Fluid bubbles in mineral-hosted melt inclusions
245-300 pm Discussion led by Peter Michael
300-315 pm Coffee break
315-345 pm Margaret Hartley XANES analyses of mineral-hosted melt inclusions redox evolution in magmatic systems
345-400 pm Discussion led by Muriel Laubier
400-430 pm Yves Moussallam Redox change during magma ascent; Observations and implications
430-445 pm Discussion led by Muriel Laubier
445-800 pm  Posters
Evening free

Sunday, August 12

Clark Lab 507

800-900 amBreakfast
900-930 pmTerry Plank Diffusion of water through olivine implications for melt inclusion fidelity
930-945 pmDiscussion led by Mike Garcia
945-1015 pmMegan Newcombe The melt inclusion record of the countdown to eruptions
1015-1030 pmDiscussion led by Mike Garcia
1030-1045 pmCoffee break
1045-1115 pmKei Shimizu Partial degassing and regassing of CO2 in CO2 undersaturated mid-ocean ridge basalts
1115-1130 pmDiscussion led by Oded Navon
1130-1200 am Janne Koornneef Combined Sr-Nd-Pb isotope analyses of individual melt inclusions to reveal extreme source heterogeneity
1200-1215 amDiscussion led by Oded Navon
115-145 pm Jay Thomas Making melt inclusions an experimental approach to study syn- and post-entrapment compositional modifications
145-200 pmDiscussion led by Emily Johnson
200-230 pmAyla Pamukcu Melt inclusion faceting What - and how - can we learn from melt inclusion morphologies?
230-245 pmDiscussion led by Emily Johnson
245-300 pmCoffee break
300-330 pm Madison Myers Inferring magma ascent timescales and reconstructing conduit processes in rhyolitic explosive eruptions using diffusive losses of hydrogen from melt inclusions
330-345 pm Discussion led by Julie Roberge
345-500 pm Summary & outline of the consensual guidelines to study MI
5 pmLarge passenger bus available for trip back to Boston departs from Clark Lab, drop off at the Goldschmidt venue, the Hynes Convention Center.