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WHSTEP Annual Meeting - Sea Education Association

Please join us for the

Woods Hole Science and Technology Education Partnership
Annual Meeting

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
4:00 pm
Sea Education Association
171 Woods Hole Road

Plastic in the Ocean

Come hear from a scientist and an educator about the current state of the science, and education and outreach from sea.


Plastic Marine Debris: Current State of the Science – Dr. Amy Siuda (SEA)
The scientific study of plastic marine debris is relatively young.  As a result, many deceivingly simple questions drive the field: How is plastic marine debris distributed?  How much plastic marine debris exists?  Is the concentration of plastic marine debris changing through time?  What are the biological or economic impacts of plastic marine debris?  A summary of our current understanding and future directions will be presented.

Education and Outreach from Sea - Pat Keoughan

In fall 2012, Pat Keoughan sailed as the Classroom Outreach Coordinator on the Plastics@SEA North Pacific Expedition conducted by Sea Education Association (SEA).  Pat worked with 11 schools to share results from the cruise in real time.  She will discuss the successes and challenges of this endeavor.

The meeting is open to the public; interested students are welcome to attend.
Light refreshments will be served. Your reply is appreciated by May 6, or 508-289-3478.