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WHSTEP Liaison Network

The heart of WHSTEP is the Liaison Network. This Network comprises at least one official representative from each member school and organization. Their jobs are to make the connections that are vital to the functioning of the partnership. For example, a teacher who is looking for a guest speaker, a curriculum consultant, or unused lab equipment, can talk to the liaison in the school. The liaison, knowing the people and resources available, would contact the liaison in the appropriate science organization to start the process of finding what is needed. By the same token, scientists or engineers who have resources to offer, or who need to consult with a teacher about the education portion of a project, can contact the liaison in their organization.

The liaison also acts as the point person for each member school and organization. As resources and programs are made available, WHSTEP provides the liaisons with information for dissemination. Liaisons then advertise the programs or make the resources available to the appropriate recipients. WHSTEP also relies on liaisons to provide feedback with regard to their school or organization's needs or the success of our programs.

The Executive Committee is the governing body of WHSTEP. It consists of the Chair, Vice-chair, and Clerk/Treasurer and 9 additional members, drawn from the member organizations and the community. This committee meets monthly from August to June.

WHSTEP liaisons, school administrators, science instituion representatives and friends gather for the 20th Anniversary celebration. (Photo by Debbie Scanlon)