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Tips for a More Equitable Workplace

Many of the differential behaviors that can negatively affect the workplace for both men and women are so subtle and inadvertent that many people rarely notice them.

  • Listen to and recognize equally and respectfully to male and female co-workers.
  • Make eye contact equally with men and women when they are speaking.
  • Use praise equally to reward effective male and female co-workers or supervisees.
  • Avoid stories, jokes, or comments that demean women or any other specific group.
  • Share workplace information equally with female and male co-workers and supervisees.

Who can I approach if I have concerns?

Given individual circumstances, concerns can be brought to different people, including:

Other Resources at WHOI

Take an Implicit Association Test

You can learn more about implicit (unconscious) bias by taking an Implicit Association Test as part of the research conducted by Project Implicit. You may prefer to examine general information about the IAT before deciding whether or not to proceed. For example, select the Gender-Science or Gender-Career test here.