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2013 Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2013

Attended: Stace Beaulieu, Tina Betti, Janet Fields, David Griffith (Skype), Joel Llopiz, Dan McCorkle, Dave Ralston, Heidi Sosik

Guests: Nanci Pacheco, Mary Murphy, Amy Maas

1. Vote to approve/edit/amend employment statistics plots for GEPAC website

Before the meeting we emailed a PDF with the 6 plots to be generated annually in collaboration with MIS & HR.

The last page of the PDF showed a draft webpage for display of the plots. The draft webpage was not publicly accessible, but Stace logged in and showed it during the meeting for discussion.

At the meeting we discussed edits and approved the plots.
Additions will include the most recent NSF data (2013 report) and AAUP data (, data for WHOI postdocs, and additional data for WHOI sci staff.

2. Vote to approve or suggest another 2013 speaker
Both the Women's Committee and the Postdoc Association approached GEPAC with a request to co-sponsor the following speaker for 2013:

Sara Laschever, co-author of the the book "Women Don't Ask:  The high cost of avoiding Negotiation--and postitive strategies for change."  Here is a link to the website about the book and a short bio:

We note that Sara worked as a research associate for Project Access, a Harvard University study funded by NSF, ONR, and the Bunting Institute. Two books published from Project Access included 'Gender Differences in Science Careers: The Project Access Study' and 'Who Succeeds in Science? The Gender Dimension,' both by G. Sonnert, assisted by G. Holton.

GEPAC approved, and Women's Committee would be the lead contact/organizer.

We suggested that a GEPAC member join a phone call ahead of time with the speaker to help tailor the talk for WHOI audience.
Following the meeting, Stace submitted budget breakdown to Director of Research that was approved for co-sponsorship with Women's Committee.

Target date: October, but not during Oct 10-11; Tues, Weds, or Thurs

Note: for 2014, we would return to previous suggestions for speaker on unconscious bias or dual career issues.

3. Member rotation(s)
Dan McCorkle is now Dept. Chair in G&G and is stepping down from GEPAC. Director of Research is now requesting nominations for new co-chair from scientific staff.

Dave Ralston is stepping down and James Kinsey, also from AOPE, will be a new member.

New postdoc members: Mike Polito, Katie Shamberger.
Here is a link to the GEPAC members list:

Members serve for approximately three years.

4. Action Items:

  • Stace will work with Nanci/Tina to finalize 2013 GEPAC employment plots and post a draft webpage to GEPAC website
  • GEPAC members will review draft webpage and a memo will be sent to Directorate prior to public announcement
  • Stace will communicate with Women's Committee re: plans for early fall speaker
  • Next GEPAC meeting to be held end summer / ahead of early fall speaker

Meeting Minutes