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2008 Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2008

Minutes taken by Christine Charrette

Present: Larry Pratt, Kristin Pangallo, Debbie Shafer, Tina Betti, Dave Ralston, Christine Charette, Peter Mollo, Andony Lavery, Heidi Sosik (via speaker phone)

A.  Introductions/New Members

B.  Joyce Yen Visit

In response to staff comments and needs, GEPAC decided to contact Joyce Yen for an alternative-type gender equity visit. Dr. Yen has an NSF-Advance grant through the University of Washington.  Dr. Yen has been invited to come to WHOI to give an IAT test (she is licensed to do so) to 10-12 people.  The cost of the trial test is $500.  GEPAC will also provide a $2000 stipend to Dr. Yen and pay for her travel expenses.  Dr. Yen’s visit is scheduled for September 9 and 10, 2008.  GEPAC will be looking to her for advice on the usefulness of the “chilly climate” workshops, and advice on things our committee should be doing in the future to advance gender equity at WHOI.  The committee worked on a schedule for her two-day visit and came up with the following draft (subject to change).

Tuesday, September 9

9:00 am            Coffee with GEPAC et. Al

10:00               IAT test

12:00               Lunch with Joint Program Students

2:30                 Coffee/tea in Clark bldg. before PO seminar (et. al)

Wednesday, September 10

9:00 am            Coffee with Chemistry dept.

10:30               Attend AOPE staff meeting

12:00               Lunch with Postdocs

3:00                 Debrief with GEPAC

C.  Future Items

1. GEPAC members agreed that our committee should meet three times per year.  Our next meeting will be in late fall, 2008; Larry will send suggested dates.

2. Visiting Scholars
Larry asked the committee to think about ideas for future visiting scholars.  Some names were tossed around but nothing definitive was decided.

Meeting adjourned at 11:22.