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February 2010

Women’s Committee Meeting - February 17th, 2010
MRF 204

Members Present: Kim Grodski, Kristen Davis, Fay Cali, Becky Gast, Danielle Fino, Stephanie Murphy

Women’s History Month: Continue with plans for the panel. Need a couple for the panel- ask Meg & Maurice Tivey (others?). Ask Becky for an update about who has agreed to be on the panel. Would be good to have at least 2 singles & 2 couples.  Panel will take place March 25th. Need to organize posters, bios. Confirm the participants then put a notice in WHOI headlines. We have plenty of money, so we’ll provide beer, wine, and appetizers.  Maybe 3:30 pm for drinks & 4pm for the event?

Title of the event: “Balancing Field Work and Family Life”

Need to come up with questions for Susan to ask, should provide questions to participants ahead of time.

Women’s Lounge: We have received some positive emails from women using the lounge- great news! Would be good to buy a few more items: microwave, cork board for pictures of babies, radio, rug. Danielle will take care of buying these items. Also, it has been arranged for an outlet to be put in the Redfield bathroom so that this space can be used for pumping breastmilk.

Annual Dinner: We have confirmed the astronaut/diver speaker. The speaker will let us know when she is available.

Photo Contest: We should submit this to WHOI headlines, perhaps next month after the Women’s History Month event.

Daffodil Days: Stephanie asked if we would like to co-sponsor Daffodil Days. We said yes- be sure to send the details around.

That’s all for this month—it was a short meeting since there were only 3 of us. See you next month!

Next meeting: March 17th in Bigelow 217