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2018 Symposium on Ocean Aquaculture & Science

June 14-15, 2018
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


You are invited to a symposium on ocean aquaculture. Sample some locally farmed shellfish, talk with growers and researchers, and learn about the challenges and potential of marine aquaculture in New England and beyond.

As pressure builds to provide sustainable food from the sea while also conserving ocean resources, what does the future hold? Through interactive sessions with a select group of scientists, engineers, policy experts and growers, you will hear how the industry is embracing the goals of increased production and sustainability. Learn how researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are helping to open up new possibilities for food production from the sea by collaborating with local growers and regulators, providing essential knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques to increase the scale and efficiency of aquaculture while minimizing environmental impacts.


Aquaculture holds great promise for providing needed food while relieving pressure on wild seafood stocks. Already half of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is farmed (though most of this farming takes place outside the U.S.). In New England, the most common farmed seafood is shellfish, primarily oysters. The aquaculture industry has grown substantially in the region over the past two decades, providing economic opportunities for a broadening group of stakeholders in Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and the Islands. New products are being explored (e.g. kelp, clams, mussels, and scallops), as are the prospects for offshore (deep water) aquaculture. The environmental impact of aquaculture varies widely; but when best practices are used, few negative impacts result; and shellfish farms in particular filter and improve water quality, and provide important habitat for other sea creatures.


Alison Kline
Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Special Feature

CBS 60 Minutes:  Seaweed farming and its surprising benefits.

On April 29th CBS aired this piece with Lesley Stahl featuring among others, Bren Smith, one of our Ocean Aquaculture Symposium panelists who works closely with WHOI Scientists Scott Lindell and Dave Bailey. The show also mentions the Department of Energy’s ARPA E “biofuels to energy” project in which multiple WHOI scientists are participating.
» View the show


Cottage City Oysters

Island Creek Oysters