The MOE group can handle most requests to design, build, and deploy moorings of virtually any length and complexity. We also have the ability to test new technology or can contract our facilities for outside fabrication and testing. Contact MOE staff to reserve time or schedule a test.

Salt Water Test Tank

Our 168’X120′, 10′ deep test tank is equipped with a 10-ton overhead crane to support prototype design, ballasting, and acoustic tests.

Urethane Lab

We do our own urethane encapsulation to protect mechanical and electronic systems on short- and long-duration moorings.

Release Lab

Reliable acoustic releases are a key part of mooring design—which is why we carefully design and rigorously test our own.

High Bay

Our 49’X80′, 23′-high bay for staging, construction, and storage includes a 10-ton overhead bridge crane and salt-water test tank.


We offer extensive design and implementation services that are unrivaled in the ocean science community.

Mooring Design

We specialize in the design of surface, sub-surface, and drifting moorings that will be deployed anywhere in the ocean, including the Arctic and Southern Oceans.

Prototype Design

If you need custom-designed mechanical and electrical components fit to moorings, let our storehouse of knowledge and experience help you.

At-sea Operations

One of our strengths is our ability to safely and efficiently deploy and recover any type of mooring almost anywhere in the world.


We have extensive experience planning an executing domestic and foreign logistics