Below are a selection of my video and radio projects

A Scientist Unlocks One of the Mysteries of Arctic ice melt

A story I reported on for PRI’s The World. On a research voyage through the Arctic ice cap, a scientist has a eureka moment, one that he hopes will help solve some of the riddles about Arctic ice melt — and what’s ahead for the rest of the planet as the climate warms. [Story on PRI’s The World]


Arctic Spring

In May 2014 a diverse group of scientists headed to the Arctic to study massive plankton blooms in a place no one expected to find them – under the sea ice. Is the ice thinning to such an extent that light can now penetrate through? Is this climate change in action? Or have we never looked in the right places before? Learn more at the expedition website. Hear also the interview that Principal Investigator Bob Pickart and I gave for WCAI.

The Indiana Jones of Mathematics

I was awarded a grant from the Public Radio Exchange STEM Story Project to make this story about Ken Golden, the self proclaimed “Indiana Jones of Mathematics.”

To Greenland’s Frozen Coast

In 2012 a group of oceanographers headed northward from Iceland to chart the currents that flow down the coast of Greenland. These not only bring freshwater out of the Arctic, but draw dense water southwards to stabilize our planets climate. Read more at the expedition website where you can see my full video series.

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Transom Story Workshop

In Spring 2013 I was a participant in the Transom Story Workshop, a two month intensive training for radio producers. During the workshop, I produced two stories that have aired on local radio WCAI and on other local radio stations nationally.

To the Denmark Strait

It’s not every day that someone discovers a new current. In 2011, oceanographer Bob Pickart and colleagues set out to study such a mysterious current. Until recently, no one knew it even existed, but it may be crucial to the climate stability of our planet. Find out more at the expedition website or read the book published about the expedition featuring my video series.

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Warming Arctic

At the northern end of the Atlantic Ocean, warm water pours into Arctic Ocean deep below the surface. What impact does this have on the circulation in this icy ocean? Will it be able to affect the  ice cover? These are a couple of the questions the team set out to answer in this expedition aboard the R/V Lance. Find out more at the expedition website.

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