crew_harden_en_119330I am a high latitude oceanographer and meteorologist working as a postdoc at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

I also make radio and video about ocean science and other things I find intriguing.


My science research centers on ocean currents in the North Atlantic, intense winds around the coast of Greenland, and how these interact to regulate our planet’s climate.  [read more]

Featured media

A Scientist Unlocks One of the Mysteries of Arctic ice melt

On a research voyage through the Arctic ice cap, a scientist has a eureka moment, one that he hopes will help solve some of the riddles about Arctic ice melt — and what’s ahead for the rest of the planet as the climate warms. [Story on PRI’s The World]

We’ll Get There Eventually

97 feet above sea level, in a small room on top of a pole, Tahnee Zacanno looks out over the Arctic sea ice. With the throttle in one hand and the wheel in the other, she guides the 420 foot icebreaker Healy through the network of tough ridges, flat ice sheets, and small water openings. Sometimes though, even with the drivers’ best efforts, the ice remains stubbornly resistant. [Expedition website]

Atlantic Circulation

So, what’s all the fuss about studying polar waters? The reason lies in the importance of these seas for the circulation of the whole Atlantic ocean. To see why, there’s a simple, but striking, experiment you can perform. [Expedition website]

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Polar Oceanographer and Meteorologist