Welcome to the International GReenland Ice Sheet-Ocean interactions (GRISO) Network. The purpose of this site is to update the community of GRISO’s activities, share relevant documents, and post announcements.

GRISO is an international, open network of scientists interested in working together to address the large, complex questions associated with recent changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet and the related oceanic and atmospheric changes around Greenland. The GRISO network, which evolved from a US CLIVAR working group (GRISO WG), founded in 2011 and active until 2014, aims to collectively address the recommendations identified by the community during the international 2013 GRISO workshop in Beverly (MA) and summarized in a workshop report (PDF) commissioned by US CLIVAR, NSF, and the US Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC).

GRISO is also connected to SEARCH (Study of Environmental Arctic Change) – a system-scale, interdisciplinary research program that seeks to connect scientists working on Arctic change with stakeholders and decision makers. The Land-ice Action Team, within SEARCH, will, in part, support the activities of the GRISO Network.