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Prospective Projects

Our partnership continues a pattern of success and we'd like other groups around WHOI to join, especially those looking for Criterion II (Broader Impact) projects.

The Type of Work

  • Manufacturing 100 or 1000 of an object
  • Recurring tasks
  • Simple machine work
  • Simple soldering work

For new projects

  • Call or email Project Manager Charlotte Wiman for more details.
  • If you think there might be potential for our involvement, but not sure where, we'll provide lab technician time while investigating possibilities.
  • For most projects, we expect go through some level of production process redesign or adaptation to enable greater participation of Cape Abilities workers.
  • Generally, the worker's labor is contracted through Cape Abilities, while the materials are purchased directly by the lab.

Description of work flow for production job:

  • Starting with a viable design, we break down the production steps. We show our workers the entire process of the buildup, then match their various skills to appropriate production steps.
  • In the training process, we like to have all our workers try all the tasks, so they can see the whole process and to determine what they like most and perform best (often the same).
  • For the electrodes, they worked on a couple of steps a day, getting anywhere from 20-50 electrodes-worth of the step completed. The project manager kept track of the manufacturing progress and performed any additional steps necessary for completion (generally those involving hazardous materials). The project manager is also responsible for final quality control.