WHOI Personal Site Quick Start Guide

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personal-page-quickguide1. Change the site name

Go to the Dashboard > Settings > General and change Site Title to your name

You may also choose a tagline. This will not appear on the site, but will appear in the browser window and for search engines.

2. Adjust the menu
If you’d like to add or delete items in the menu, go to:

Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.

You will then be able to add or delete menu items. To delete an item under Menu Structure, click on the ‘Page’  caret to drop the menu down. From there, click on Remove. You also have the ability to change the label in this area. If you would like to add a menu item, you’ll need to create a page first, and than you can add it from the Pages menu to the left of Menu Structure. You can then drag it in place. Please keep the number of menu items limited so that the header layout isn’t affected.  After you are satisfied, click on Save Menu.

3. Change the content
Navigate to any page of your website and click on Page Builder in the top menu. Mouse over the section you wish to edit, and once it turns blue, click on the highlighted section. This brings up another window where you can edit the text. Once you have made changes, click on the blue Save button at the bottom of the window. Continue with the rest of the sections until you are satisfied. When you are finished editing, click on the blue Done button on the top left. If you want the changes to be immediate, click on Publish Changes. If you want to simply save your changes, but not have those changes appear live, click Save Changes and Exit.